Saturday, July 7, 2012

Billie June

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Specialty Wrap - Billie June
Wonder how a bracelet got this name? Well….these brightly colored glass beads were rolling around on my work bench one day, I liked the color combination. Started to add some things along the way. Now normally this color combo would not have appealed to me personally, not to say I wouldn’t create one to sell, but usually not my first choice. It was the 1st day of June, that day being my father’s birthday, although he has been gone for several years now. Feeling a bit nostalgic, and thoughts wondering back to dear old dad, made me think of something else. When I was very young I asked my mother how she & dad came up with my name. My father and my grandfather both had the name William, and he wanted to name me Billie. My mother was not having it, she wanted Jennifer, needless to say I didn’t end up with either one! So in honor of my dad…..Billie June was born. 

It has since become my favorite bracelet:)

Billie June on

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