Monday, July 23, 2012

Cool drink of water

The bracelet that started it all.  This delicate, yet everyday wearable bracelet, was the item that kick started "Bev's Beadz".  I made the first one for myself, as I do with all of my items, and found myself wearing it everywhere.  I was a bartender for many years and always wore my own designs to work.  My customers would compliment me on the jewelry and always asked ,"where did you get that?"   It seemed  that when they were told that it was one of my creations, it piqued their curiosity.  The ladies were asking me to make one for themselves, and the men were ordering them for their wives. Christmas season was a big rush of working full time at the bar, running a household and making jewelry every spare minute I had.  With the encouragement from my husband, Bev's Beadz" was founded in 2010.   I'm now retired from bartending and find myself designing and creating jewelry pretty much 24/7.  The old cliche " do what you love and it never feels like work" true it is!  Desert Waters Bracelet available at


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